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2012-Jan-31 - Body By Vi Results (after 60 days)

Today is Jan 9th, 2012. Just over two months later. That's when I'm writing this blog story and I have a huge smile on my face.


Because in the first 60 Days of me being in Body By Vi, here is what I have acheived:

(And I want to state that even though Tenille signed up under me, we worked this business as a team! We both earned what we have!)

  • FREE BMW From Visalus:
    I acheived $14,500 in Group Sales in December. This level of sales qualified me for MY free BMW! I still haven't picked one out yet tho. I'm waiting to find the right one from the right dealer, and I don't mind stacking up my back account while waiting! I get $300/month as a bonus until I find the right BMW for me. Once I do, they immediately up that $300 to $600/month.
    Click here to see pictures of me with my new BMW!
    My goal at the start of my 90 Day Challenge was to get down to 190 pounds from 206. After only 30 days got down to 191! So I had to set another goal, which I chose 180 pounds. I gained back about 7 pounds over Christams but quickly lost it again after getting back on the challenge.
    Click here to see my before and after pictures in 75 days of using Body By Vi!
    I qualified to get my own Transformation Kit products for FREE, by helping 3 other friends get on their own 90 Day Challenge! So far, all of us have lost at least 10 pounds!
    Click here to discover how you can get your kit for free!
    Now that might not sound like a lot, but check this out. My Visalus checks actually added up to over $2500 in GROSS profits. But I have since subtracted out every single expense we have incurred along the way including buying my mom a 2 months supply of the Shake Mix, mine and Tenille's 2 start up kits to get into the business, and 250 of the UPGRADED sample packs because me and Tenille KNOW we are going to kick ass in this business! I coulda put that money in the bank...but instead I re-invested it into the business. I'm growing up.
    Clik here to see pictures of theVisalus checks we have gotten in the mail!
  • $1500 - $2500 PER MONTH RESIDUAL INCOME:
    I opened up a new bank account specifically for Visalus checks and with $300 cash already sitting in there, virtually no expenses left to pay off, and a super low overhead to keep my business running, I'm currently looking at adding an additional $1500 - $2500 PER MONTH into that account. If my business continues to grow, that amount goes up!
    Click here to read about residual income. Money that comes in if we work or not!
    I have already also personally helped one other member in my team, a personal friend of mine Brandon H, qualify for his own free BMW.
    I've also had some great people on my team already acheive their own great results, weight loss, and financial wise. Ben C made $250 cash, and now get's his product for free as well.

I mean, when I tally it all up, it's pretty dam amazing what has happened in 2 short months! This business and this challenge are no joke.


PS. If you are at all interested in promoting Body By Vi, or taking your own 90 Day Challenge, please contact me!

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