2008-Apr-2 - Ears and Tinnitus

We were born with 5 senses: sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of sight, sense of taste and sense of hearing. Our sense of hearing is very vital. We need to be able to hear things for us to learn how to speak. It would be impossible for a person to speak properly if one is deprived of the ability to hear. Our ears is our organ for hearing and we need to take utmost care of it. Any damage to our ears may bring about damage to our hearing.

Hearing damage has been pointed out as one major cause for a condition called tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of a ringing, humming, buzzing, roaring, hissing, or ticking sound in the ears which does not actually have an external source. The noise that a person with tinnitus hears is actually a result of the brain's reaction to the absence of sound waves it receives from the ears.

It can then be concluded that any hearing problem can be associated with tinnitus. To take care of our ears, we must be aware of the certain do's and don'ts that will help us avoid doing things that we must not do to our ears.

We must regularly clean our ears, but only the external area. The internal ear must be left for the doctor to clean. We must also avoid exposing our ears not only to loud noise but also to loud music. Anything that is loud can damage the nerve endings of the hair cells in our cochlea which is responsible for transmitting sound waves to the brain. If exposure to noise is inevitable, ear muff and ear plugs may be used. We must not use ear scrapers in using our ears because we might be tempted to dig dipper into the inner ears and puncture our eardrums.

The bottom line of it all, any abuse that we do to any part of our body will never do us any good and the same thing goes for our ears. If we do not want a condition like tinnitus, all we have to do is always play it safe and take good care of our ears.

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