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2007-Aug-17 - How To Be A Wedding Emcee

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Being a wedding master of ceremonies  (also known as a wedding MC or wedding emcee) is a critical role for the success of a wedding reception. The wedding emcee acts as the "chairman" for the reception, overseeing the sequence of events and making sure everything takes place smoothly as planned, and in the appropriate atmosphere of happy celebration.

While the wedding MC is in control of proceedings, it is very important that this control does not turn into dominance. The wedding MC is not usually expected to provide the entertainment for the reception, but to link one event to the next.  A thanks to one contributor behalf of the guests is followed by an introduction to the following stage in the reception. A few light hearted words is all that is required to keep the reception on track.

Click on this link to read more about the role of being a wedding mc.

A wedding MC with a wealth of experience, Tom Haibeck, has written a popular book called Wedding Toasts Made Easy. It is now one of the top guides to the role of being a wedding MC, both as a book in bookshops, and available as a downloadable ebook.

Pete Miller is another very experienced wedding MC who has written a downloadable guide for emcees. It also covers the role comprehensively, and has even more help with the wedding emcee's speech obligations, with speech templates and a large choice of popular wedding toasts and jokes. You Can Be A Wedding MC is a very helpful guide for wedding MCs, especially those who need extra help with their speech, and want a good stock of wedding jokes.

Both guides are also of great value to wedding couples, who need to understand, at an early stage of their wedding planning, the role of the wedding MC - well before they choose who they would like to perform this role.

Learn more about wedding speeches and being a wedding MC.

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